Come as You Are

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Anonymous asked: Hey do you still exist here, I forgot about I had this account and that you had this

i forgot i had this until today lol why anon?

Soooo I haven’t been on in a long time my life has been pretty hectic. My soldier is finally back from Afghanistan and we are living together. Everything seems so surreal. Years ago I hated this man and couldn’t wait for him to leave. Who would have thought I would be the woman he came home to. “Too young for him they told her waiting for the love of a traveling soldier”. I am so happy I don’t have to wait for him anymore. 

never gonna hold the hand of another guy
too young for him they told her

— Dixie Chicks

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Anonymous asked: Last song you sang?

I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz

It’s been 18 days. Since I had look at myself, I don’t wanna have to change. If I don’t then no one will. Is it my state of mind, Or is it just everything else. I don’t wanna have to be here. I don’t understand it now.Cause it’s been 18 days. Since I first held you, But to me it feels just like. It feels like a lifetime…

—Saving Abel 

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